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Very handsome boy!

Peggy Hoyt

Jennifer - what a gorgeous boy! I had an OTTB when I was a youngster. I started working on a Thoroughbred farm as a teen. The old man, Charlie Iler, that owned the place, thought I should buy this mare in a claiming race. I didn't buy her in the race, but made a deal afterward. I saw her run in her last race! She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen - Vain Ruler was her registered name, I simply called her Lady. She used to run away with me ALL the time! She was a nut job and never ever let another man lay a hand on her after she came to live with me. I sold her when I bought my first Mustang - a car. She died at the age of 8 from heart failure. So sad.
Now I have two Mustangs - the horse kind and one Premarin rescue. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer Campbell Goddard

Peggy, did she have Bold Ruler in her lineage? I have heard his line can be hard to handle.

I can't read Cooper's tattoo well enough to trace him.

How do you like those Mustangs? I've heard they can be hard to handle, too. Sounds like you like them fiery!

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